Offering Commercial and Residential Painting Services




Offering Commercial and Residential Painting Services

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Residential Painting
You can completely trust Spokane House Painting if you need any residential painting service. We are experienced in painting various residential properties.

​Our interior painting jobs include cabinet painting, furniture painting, and wood staining. Residential epoxy flooring, drywall painting, interior trim painting, wall painting, ceiling painting, and paint priming.
Exterior Painting
A property's exterior painting is crucial irrespective of its type and architectural features. Be it your home or office, the guests and business people visiting the property will notice the exteriors at first. At Spokane House Painting, we do experimentation with shades, patterns, and textures to give the exterior of your property an elegant look.
Deck Painting
Our deck painting services in Spokane, WA, stand out due to the team's excellence, professionalism, and expertise.

The entire process of the deck and porch painting consists of various stages. The first stage includes preparing the surface with scraping so that the surface becomes free of dirt, grime, debris, dust, etc. Next, we do power washing to make the surface ready for proper painting or staining.
Commercial Painting
Our commercial painting services cover wood staining, wallpaper painting, ceiling painting, drywall painting, wall painting, and paint color matching. With years of experience in the field, we know that commercial properties can be of various types. From a small restaurant to a huge corporate office or factory, painting in different commercial buildings comes with various challenges. While painting different commercial properties, we make sure the space looks impressive to investors, clients, and other stakeholders.
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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Contractor for Residential & Commercial Painting
Quality of Work Assured
Painting a property is beyond applying some coats of paint on walls, ceilings, and other areas. Only a professional team will know how to maintain a perfect finish in the painting work and enhance the aesthetics with innovative patterns and designs.
Alleviating Your Worries
If you do not want to alleviate your stress regarding the entire painting work on your property, hiring a professional painting contractor is a must. The professional team will take care of the entire process, including selecting paint and equipment and finishing the painting job.
Safety Measures in Place
With a professional painting contractor, you don’t have to worry about any casualty or hazard at the job site. A service provider like ourselves will follow all safety guidelines and make necessary arrangements. So, safety is guaranteed once you seek professional help.
Well-Planned and Systematic Execution
Hiring a professional painting contractor is important so that the entire painting work is planned based on your requirements, challenges, and budget. Preparing the areas and painting them are further done according to the planning.
Timely Completion
Once you hire a professional service provider like Sacramento House Painting, you can remain assured about the timely completion of the task. We know that the timely completion of every project is essential to avoid the hike in labor costs and other charges. Further, maintaining the deadline is crucial so that the functionalities inside the property can be restored as early as possible.
Value-for-Money Service
A renowned painting contractor near you will make sure that the amount of money you are paying is worth their service. For example, we understand that the work scope and scale will differ from one property to another. We customize and quote a rate according to the requirements of a particular property and ensure to render a service worth your money.
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